We are like a crocus flower which blooms in the extreme, snow and desert.

It is the first to announce a new season, a symbol of
New Beginnings, Hope, Enthusiasm and Resilience.
“Red Gold”, the most expensive spice of saffron,
is harvested from this flower.

The Atacama desert in Chile, reveals distinct features which are an inspiration to the vision and mission of A-C-T.

We are Advisor, Confidante and Trustee to our Clients

Naina Sharon Anand
Founder & CEO

Naina is Founder of A-C-T, a British company with global networks. Under her dynamic stewardship, as Advisor Confidante and Trustee, she has grown A-C-T into a captivating brand in diverse sectors. Her intuitive conviction that “Curiosity does not Kill but Bells the Cat” has been the solution to complex client projects.

Naina is a relentless pursuer and has navigated numerous challenges successfully. Exciting milestones include, earning a Credly Blockchain digital badge at the University of Oxford, an advisory in a maiden project in national digital identity and a think-tank enthusiast at the UK Parliament. Naina regularly publishes audiogram podcasts on entrepreneurship and resilience.

Naina’s career began as a private banker at Standard Chartered Bank in London where she set up the Global Business Corridor. She started A-C-T in 2016 which became a life-changing journey and led her to become a connector, with people and businesses. Till date, her business has encompassed three generations of the world’s most influential families in cities across the world including San Francisco, Singapore, Dubai, Geneva, London, New Delhi and Mumbai. She has encountered a spectrum of risks and rewards and has cleverly harnessed traditional and new age investments to clients’ benefits.

She brings order to chaos being disciplined and a perfectionist, owing to her upbringing in the armed forces culture. Nevertheless, she is amicable, an empathetic listener with a keen sense of humour. She is zealous in her quest for innovation and technologies as effective instruments to sustainable problem solving in the world. Her understated personality and tactful strategic sense are a rare combination that has influenced many to integrate A-C-T as the keystone of their businesses.